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Squid Femmes

29 Oct 2021

VIXEN V MONTANA in FF Fight Action!  Vixen has been invited to the Ministry but soon figures out it's...

Femmes Distress

05 Jun 2021

KARLY goes dark and ferociously battles MONTANA and ERICA for SUPREMACY. Karly used to be the City's go-to...

Femmes Two Zero

08 Apr 2021

PERIL:  MONTANA and KARLY find themselves in a whole load of PERIL. Having lured and des...


27 Dec 2020

MONTANA and ERICA go head to head in FIERCE COMBAT. A deal is about to go down for one of the most valuable ge...

rookie femmes

27 Nov 2020

VIXEN v brand new Kandygirl MONTANA in amazing FF MOVIE ACTION! The legend that is Vixen has been sent a cocky...