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Femmes Distress

05 Jun 2021

KARLY goes dark and ferociously battles MONTANA and ERICA for SUPREMACY. Karly used to be the City's go-to...

Femmes Two Zero

08 Apr 2021

PERIL:  MONTANA and KARLY find themselves in a whole load of PERIL. Having lured and des...

Storm Femmes

27 Jan 2021

KIX, SIENNA and KARLY star in this EPIC FF BATTLE! When Rogue Supergirl takes over the country she has 2 obsta...

Femmes Station Zero

02 Sep 2020

PERIL: KARLY has been lured into enemy territory and she is her usual fearless self, but things are about to g...

gladiatrix femmes

26 Nov 2019

KIX, SIENNA AND KARLY in EPIC FvF BATTLES! Beautiful Queen Kix is the all powerful ruler of the 7 Kingdoms and...