LET BATTLE COMMENCE! VIXEN V HITWOMAN. FEMME TO FEMME.  The Hit List saga continues with the Henchman’s second victim: Vixen.  This battle is intense, ferocious, unrelenting, brutal uncompromising and hot as hell. These 2 incredible forces of nature go head to head and there can only be one winner….

With Hi-Kix having been demolished by the nefarious ‘Hit-Woman’, her paymaster henchman sends a call-out to Vixen which the Kandy Girl cannot resist.

Widely considered the strongest of the Kandy’s, Vixen pits her might against Hit-Woman in the ring as Hi-Kix did, hoping to avoid a similar outcome.

The two femme fatales clash in a battle for the ages. Vixen proves that she can certainly take a punch, but is she ready for the onslaught heading her way from the brutal female mercenary?

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