Bad Girls

From the Producers that brought you Kick Ass Kandy comes Bad Ass Kandy – the World’s nastiest Girl Gang…. outside of Manchester.

This merciless gang of thugs, thieves and con artists are on the rampage and they’ll destroy anything in their way i.e. don’t get in their way, unless you’re an idiot, then definitely get in their way.

If there’s trouble, they find it, if not, they’ll start it.

They’re brutal, they’re vicious and they’re deadly – in fact, they’re not very nice at all. But they are quite fit and they’ll break your heart, then they’ll break your face.

You’ll die when you meet them. Literally.

If you build it, they’ll rob it so you’d better show them the money because in space, no one can hear you scream. It’s lucky we’re not in space then really, isn’t it.

Good citizens of the World beware, Bad Ass Kandy is coming to get ya!

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