DIVA V JJ Photoset

Posted on: July 22, 2016
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160 KICK ASS PHOTOS – POSED AND ACTION – OF THE 2 VIOLENT FEMMES IN BATTLE. Diva is the Black FemmeKat and JJ her cat-burglar prey. Catsuits and Boots guaranteed.


Price: £ 2.99


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Posted on: June 24, 2016
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INTENSE END TO END FF FEMME FIGHT ACTION! If you’re going to rob a house, just make sure it’s not Black FemmeKat’s!! This is the movie with everything!  Diva…JJ…Catsuits…Boots…High Kicks, Low Blows, Knock Outs to Boot Crushes….fast punching, karate chopping, boot slapping, domination, humilation and possibly the greatest display of intense FF action on the planet. When UberCriminal Black FemmeKat finds someone trying to rob her, the irony is not lost and she is about to give the pathetic novice the most painful lesson of her life.  


The FemmeList

Posted on: October 2, 2015
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DIVA AND JJ IN FIERCE FEMME FIGHTING ACTION! When Diva learns of bad girl JJ’s hijacking of the Kandybar she takes matters into her own hands  – nobody messes with the Kandygirls.  Dressed in her skintight battlewear and killer boots Diva takes the fight directly to naughty naughty JJ and she won’t leave until she’s satisfied. These two ferocious female warriors hold nothing back as they kick, punch and chop each other into submission. Diva unleashes her gymnastic and athletic martial arts action on her female foe and  JJ dispatches her uniquely brutal unarmed combat skills in return. La FemmeList is end to end fierce action from 2 of the toughest, most skilful, brutal yet totally gorgeous action girls on the planet.   


Posted on: February 20, 2015
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IMG_974153 BEAUTIFUL STILLS OF THE INCREDIBLE DIVA, KIX AND CAT IN ALL GIRL FIGHT ACTION! Every curve and every detail of these incredible fighting femmes is captured in high resolution clarity.  Get up close and personal with the hottest femmes fatale on the planet with this set. 

Price: £ 1.99




Posted on: February 6, 2015
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WILD GIRL FIGHT ACTION! STARRING DIVA, KIX, CAT AND SKARLET!  GYMNASTIC, HIGH KICKING, KNOCKOUT PUNCHING, SUPERFLEXIBLE FIGHTING FROM THE QUEENS OF FEMALE ACTION!  For 2 months Kix has been hypnotised by arch criminal Devil Diva and as such can’t hurt her but worse, with Kix under her spell, Diva has been on a one woman crime rampage.  BUT all good things must end so Kix sends her woman army of Skarlet and Cat out to kill her but Diva is not a femme to be underestimated and the final showdown between Kix and Diva is imminent…. Diva releases her from the spell and all hell breaks loose…INCREDIBLE INTENSE FIGHTING ACTION but who wins and who loses?



Posted on: August 8, 2014
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2 V 1 FEMME FIGHT ACTION! DIVA LURES AGENTS SKARLET AND SIDEKICK INTO HER BRUTAL, DOMINANT DEN OF PAIN! Diva has been taunting these Government agents for 5 years, she’s always one step ahead and today she wants to teach them who’s boss, she wants to humiliate and dominate them by beating them both up at the same time. No blow is too low for Diva. Once she convinces them of her superiority though, will she let them live to fight another day? Hot, high kicking, knockout punching, gymnastic low blow action!


Posted on: May 30, 2014
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When 2 Agents of F.E.M.M.E.S track down the notorious fugitive Diva Storm they get a nasty surprise! End to end Girl on Girl FF action, in this 2 on 1 battle of destruction. Diva doesn’t go down easily as the 2 Agents soon learn, she’s a master at luring girls in and giving them a false sense of security and then BOOM! this dynamic flexible fighting goddess is an earthquake of action as she dominates and terrorises.  Diva might be outnumbered but can she be outfought?


Posted on: March 13, 2014
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FILM PREMIER!! Kix, Diva, Cat and Skarlet star in part one of this epic battle of Good V  Evil.  Rammed with incredible FF action these girls go to war!  Diva wants to rid the threat of her arch nemesis Kix and bring her superhuman RoboFemme to pulverise her before turning her but Kix and Cat have other ideas!  Superbrutal, high kicking, gymnastic, bonecrunching, knockout FF action like you’ve never seen before!